Cover up part II


On April 30th 1980 the labour government briefed the
Parliament about "Kielland".
Minister Inger Louise Valle reported:
Shortly before 18.30 hrs a "BANG" was heard, and the
platform started to tilt.
The reason was that one of the platforms five legs broke away.

The same day 30.04.1980 Bergens Tidende
reported on the "Cost Analysis" findings of extensive cost overrun on
the Statfjord field development involving
Statoil, NPC and  B&R.

Minister of Oil & Energy Mr. Bjartmar Gjerde who ordered the "Cost Analysis" leaves office and commence duty as Director of NRK,
Norwegian Broadcasting.

First uprighting attempt of "Kielland" failes  in summer 1980.

Feb. 1981 Gro Harlem Brundtland (Labour), the daughter of Gudmund Harlem, close connected to Jens Chr. Hauge (first chairman in Statoil) takes over as Prime Minister after Oddvar Nordli (Labour).

DnV report 81-829 concludes on damages on deck, quote;
 "It seems that the deck first have been violently upwards lifting whereafter it has been pulled back and ripped like a sheet of paper", unquote,
thus describing the craterwave "lifting" the deck
whereafter the D-leg is pushed away and the deck falls down.

The Commission Report
NOU 81:11
presented March 1981 states, ref:
"Summary", page 11:
the report does not deal with explossion accidents.

Kari Gjesteby, Minister of Trade in Gro Harlem Bruntdlands (GHB) cabinet advocates against a new uprigting attempt.

Sept. 1981; General election and change in Cabinet.
Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland (Labour) leaves office and
Kaare Willoch (Conservatives) commences his duty.

The "Kielland-Foundation" representing relatives and survivors is established in Oct. 1981 advocating for a new uprigthing attempt to take place.

The knowledge about the fatigue cack in bracing D-6 prior to the capsize is investigated.
Platform Captain Sæd (perished) had performed inspection as planned Jan/Feb 1980. He reported on damages on the rig. This was confirmed in witness hearings Nov/Des 1981.

The cause of the disaster was believed to be the fatigue crack, and this information was sensitive to DnV and others who likely had been contacted in assessing how critical the crack was in the keeping of the rig in operation at the Ekofisk field in March 1980. 
Gross negligence might show to have taken place?

Facts to day proves otherwise!
The French builder stated the rig would not collapse unless something else had happened in addition to the fatigue crack as f.i. ship collision.
Mr. Borseth who inspected the rig with me in Oct. 1983 presented calculations showing that if the fatigue crack was the only reason the rig should have collapsed on March 2nd 1980, due to the more severe weather that day.

The smartness in spreading the word about the pre-capsize knowledge of the fatigue crack succeeded.
The "right wing" politicians were driven into the "fire ditches".

Seacaptain Ivar Garberg (leftist) had involved himself in selling corn from France to the after the war devastated Vietnam.
He was early engaged in "Kielland" attacking shipowners and conservatives for negligence.
However, in his notes about "Kielland" he divulge the relationship between many of the backplayers.
The narcotic trade beween Scotland and Norway. The use of "Kielland" as transit platform. Johan Brun's involvement in the refrigeration plant in Inverness. The transfere of narcotics in the catering. The catering run by Dolphin Services and B&R Norge.
Johan Brun who also owned the last supply boat "Norindo Sun" visiting "Kielland" between 22.20 - 22.25 hrs on March 26th 1980 (20 hours prior to the BANG!)  

During the Vietnam War, Johan Brun sold NATO ammunition to the
North Vietnamese.
In late 1960-ties Thorvald Stoltenberg (labour) remained in position within the Foreign Ministry under John Lyng (conservative) as advisor on Vietnam.
John Lyng was also a former member of Mot Dag

Thorvald Stoltenberg was Minister of Defense
when "Kielland" capsized on March 27 1980.
His son Jens Stoltenberg (Prime Minister 2011)
was named after Jens Chr. Hauge
who had great influence in
Raufoss Ammunisjonsfabrikk,
the manufacture of NATO ammunition in Norway.

In 1977-78 Kongsberg Vaapenfabrikk
delivered 40 electrical power units to
Libya and Moammar Ghaddaffi.
Orders placed in 1972.
(ref. Dagbladet 21.10.1990)

From the book "Assault on Kielland" (Sabotasjen mot Kielland),
pages 223 - 243:

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