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As the 1st uprighting attempt of "Kielland" in the summer of 1980,
the 2nd attempt was designed to fail.

When the "scapegoat" in the first attempt, Scot Cobus, took corrective action and wanted to use cranes he was stopped by the Labour Government
 - and the uprighting failed.

When Ole Östlund called for independent Technical Quality Review
of the 2nd uprighting procedure
- they had to fire him.
To late - the documentation of technical failures
which had to be corrected were at hand.
It  turned into a struggle of forcing the corrections to be made, before
cost overrun and the end of the weather window on Sept. 15th,
stopped the operation.

The uprighting turned into a
Meeting King Olav V under and after 8mR WC at Hankö 1983
the power was applied
-the rig was uprighted 
-ready for inspection
- the comeabout of the explossion theory
-those working for covering up the sabotage felt threatened.

Through my company O.C.Östlund A/S  I took  Stolt Nielsen Seaway to court for breach of contract .
My lawyer stated:
"Fired because he tried to save the Government 1 mill Nok/day"

I was told to keep the results of the Technical Quality Review in the drawer.
If doing so, I would be contacted for the construction of a replacement for
8mR "Irene VI"
which in late 1982 had been shopped up at
Risør Trebåtbyggeri AS
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Court procedings took place in spring 1985.
After the proceedings I left for Tokyo to market my
technology to companies in Japan.
This suggested by Dr. Herbert W. Kissinger who claimed to be a
coussin of Henry Kisinger.

Court Decission was made in my disfavour.
The evening before, I rejected Herbert Kissingers proposal to
work with Brown & Root.
Was this a coincident?
Elected delegate to Parliament, late Erland Asdahl, informed me about
agreements made by the
Labour Party
on Brown & Root involvment in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea.
Thus leading up to the corruption on Statfjord B engineering contract
and great cost overuns,
which was divulged during my work for the Parliament Cost Analysis Committee in 1979, and which report drowned with the capsize of
on March 27. 1980.

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From the Book "Sabotsajen mot Kielland" (Assault on Kielland) published Feb. 1992,
pages 54 - 145.

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