Cover up part I


Perusal of documents at
Stavanger Police Office
June 1987.

Survivor testimony from March 28th 1980,
the day after the disaster
coincide with the explossion "bang" and the 
craterwave observed as two waves -
first hitting the platform deck and then pushing away the D-leg.

The survey of the D-leg afloat in Linesundet with bracing D-6 and the fatigue crack open in the air, and the exploded bracing D4 below water.
The Airforce inspector writing he could see no sign of explossion on the accessible parts of the D-leg.

The Investigation Commission member who resigned few days after appointment, diving on his own behalf on the D-leg before leaving Stavanger.

Company Stolt Nielsen
was contracted by the Commissioning to cut off the
underwater bracings D4 and DE 
and bringing them to Statoils laboratory
during the night.
The tilting of the sister platform
"Henrik Ibsen"
in Tananger and
Prime Prosecutors Flornes letter of  linking
"Kielland" and "Ibsen".

The PAX book 
published shortly after the disaster,
by leftist within the revolutionary movement
stating the fatigue crack caused the accident
as referred to on Norwegian Broadcasting
at Prime time.

The PAX book warned against the next hazard to come,
- an uncontrolled seabed

Plans being presented for a
Norwegian anti-terrorist police force
for platforms in the North Sea.

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