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> Merry Christmas,
> If my understanding is correct, Cosa Nostra - the
> Italian/American mafia has made deals with Ghaddaffi
> involving hiking up gas price (and oil price).
> FBI has reported how Cosa Nostra infiltrates legitime
> companies as f.i. Brown & Root, Statoil, Occidental and
> others, and takes with them their criminal methods.
> I learned the lesson in 1975 when Resident Engineer for
> Shell/Expro during the "Brent Bravo" construction in
> Stavanger, Mr. Pete Groendijk, expressed on a critical
> matter: "This is either sabotage or incompetence !"
> This years accident with "Deepwater Horizon" should be
> looked upon on this basis. Also other "accidents" in the
> North Sea as "Piper Alpha", "Alexander L.
> Kielland", "Cormorant A tilting at Stord" (if tilted would
> have delayed gas production in UK waters for more than a
> year) and others.
> The western industrialized countries with their dependence
> of energy to a not unreasonable cost, should develope a
> strategy to secure their own supply needs from trustworthy
> companies in political stable areas.
> Philosophies for offshore exploration in Northern Waters
> should be part of such strategy.
> Further an energy pricing strategy should be established.
> To high energy cost hurts western industry. However,  when
> threathened by new and cost saving technology, OPEC
> countries increase production and oil price drops, which
> happened in 1986. To low energy prices hurts the oil and
> gas industry and is neither wanted.
> So how to stabilize prices within lower and upper limits
> giving the rest of western industry security in energy
> suply at a not unreasonable price, allowing development of
> oil and gas fields to take place in political safe areas
> including development of new environmental safe and cost
> effective techology.
> The "Boprod" technology would be part of such strategi.
> In my Business Plan for establishing my Company in USA
> with operation office in Clearlake, Texas, was to be able
> to draw on expertise, not only from space technology, but
> also security - personel recruitment (reduce the
> possibility for unwanted infiltration of engineers and
> employees working on another agenda, and Quality Assurance.
> The negative part of this strategi is that in Texas
> several land based oil producers favors high energy
> prices, neglecting the fact that to high prices undermines
> the western world.
> As such alternatives to Clearlake outside Houston might be
> up for consideration?
> I am waiting for response from BP on mail approach made
> earlier this year.
> An alternative to BP could be Shell Expro in London, a
> company I learned to respect during my involvement in
> developing the "Brent Field" in mid 1970-ties.

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