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Mc Nab
Mitchener's book "Texas",


"Assault on Kielland"
(Sabotasjen mot Kielland)
Ole Östlund
published 1992

The same tactic?
When the evidence of the explossion in bracing D4 on "Kielland" was in hand at the laboratory of Physics at the University in Oslo on Jan. 15th 1984, the spy Arne Treholt was jailed 2 days later which occupied the media, press and TV for months to come.

The same had been the fact with the "Cost Analysis" and corruption within Statoil which report in April 1980 "drowned" in the
"Assault on Kielland".

In 1989 when the leader of the Norwegian Progress Party,
Carl I. Hagen stated he supported contacting FBI and Scotland Yard
on "Kielland".
Partnairs's flight 394 crashed in Skagerak and 55 people perished.
Norwegian Press, VG, had "Sabotasje?" on the first page.
Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland called of
that years political campaigning 3 days before the election.
No more press coverage before the election on Carl I. Hagens and

When Prime Minister Syse (conservatives) in  fall 1989 was approached about "Kielland" he became the victim of a negativ press campaign.

Magnar G. Huseby, member of Parliament (conservatives), was subject to harassment when he in 1988 put forward his question to Minister of Justice Bösterud (Labour) about the narcotic trade  on "Kielland".  

Lockerbie, Pan Am, happened in 1987 focusing in on Libya and Khadaffi. The year after, in 1988 explossion and fire destroyed "Piper Alpha" on the Scottish side of the North Sea. The platform was operated by Occidental (OXY) owned by Armand Hammer with operations in Khadaffis Libya.

In his book "Seven Sisters", published 1975, the writer Antony Sampson states Scotland becoming an oil exporter, seems to be looking favorable on Libya and OPEC hiking up the oil pries.

In Norway the state owned company Kongsberg Våpenfabrik is in 1972 entering into contracts with Libya for deliveries in 1978-80.

Statoil is becoming an all time more dominant player in Norway.
Heading up gas negotiations, Statoil prices Norwegian Gas so high that Germany is forced to buy gas from Soviet in spite of warnings from USA President Ronald Reagan.

On land in Norway State Capitalism is spread. Private owned companies as Tandberg and Moxy are forced into bankruptcy. Several Norwegian Bancs are taken over by the State.

Returning from Houston in 1987 to persue the "Kielland" case my Norwegian companies line of credit was closed down. Bankruptcy proceedings proves the defraud. 
In 1994 the Norwegian people are as in 1972, asked to vote for joining the European Union (EU).
EU is in my mind the same idea as Quisling advocated for during WWII - a Federation of independent European States.

In my mind Norway would be better of seeking aliances across the Sea. The Norwegians have always been good fisherman and good sailors. Norways historic power from the Viking area, and presently from oil & gas and fishfarming are related to the sea and sea trade. Norwegian ties are across sea and not land.
There are today more people of Norwegian inheritage in America than in Norway.

As such I advocated for the possibility of Norway negotiating Trade Agreement with USA as an alternative to EU.
Since then USA has joined Canada and Mexico in

My suggestion is to convert NAFTA - North America Free Trade Agreement into North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement including not only Norway but also Island and more. 

The respons from The Heritage Foundation back in 1991:

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